About Fish Sh-nack

Founded in our Sunny Singapore, Fish Sh-nack started its operations in early November ’14.

We do what we do best!

Fish Sh-nack offers you a range of products from our very own Crispy Fish Skin to the simply irresistible homemade dips that you love!

What’s with the name?

In terms of origins and product identification, we wanted consumers to know immediately what we are selling, hence the incorporation of our main product, Fish Snack, in the name.

The “h”, derives from its “Shiok” (which means to experience sheer happiness or pleasure) counterpart, was brought in to add a twist to “Snack” and we thought it will be catchy, ecstatic and scrumptious exactly how we brand Fish Sh-nack – fun, innovative, playful and “Oh-so-irresistible”.

Our motto, Bringing the Knack in Snack, is a testament to our ability of innovation in getting the right mix of crispness, and complementary mix of flavors, with the right concoction of east-west inspired condiments.

Why did you decide to open Fish Sh-nack?

We personally love snacking! We literally snack everywhere we go! However, snacking naturally brings about a weight gain issue (which we have experienced it ourselves) and we thought it is the best of both worlds if we can enjoy mouthwatering snacks without the weight gain problems.

Looking at the healthy product offerings in the local market, we thought that there must be something that can allow health/weight conscious consumers (like us!) to enjoy snacks without minimizing the sheer pleasure of ingesting tasty food.

With the motivation to create delectable yet healthy snack offerings, and a vision of building a Singapore healthy snack brand, hence the birth of Fish Sh-nack!

How do you fry your fish skin?

We use a unique way of frying which requires less oil (Vegetable Oil), of which a minority of the oil comes from the skin itself.

Where do you get your fish skin from?

Currently, our Fish Skin comes from the Dory!

We manufacture our products in Singapore and it is definitely of local produce, something which we are very proud of.

When one is NEVER enough?

You could just do one of the following:

  1. Order with us by clicking on our “Sh-order
  2. WhatsApp/Text +65 9049 9926
  3. Email us at info@fishshnack.com
  4. Privately message us on www.facebook.com/thefishshnack

Do you deliver?

We have two types of deliveries:

  1. Door Step Delivery – $7 to $5
  2. “Self-Collection” – FREE for orders of $50 and above; meet-ups only at Train Stations!